Overwatch Update Will Have Golden Guns And Other Rewards For Competitive Mode

by Haley MacLean on Jun 20, 2016 at 10:15 AM

In a developer update for Overwatch from game director Jeff Kaplan, it was announced that several new cosmetic awards will be available for skilled players in competitive mode in the update arriving at the end of June. Along with exclusive sprays and player icons, there will be a customized golden gun system that can be unlocked by the highest skilled players in a season. Who wouldn’t want dual golden shotguns for Reaper, or a massive golden war-hammer for Reinhardt?  

Kaplan says in the video that when dealing with rewards, Blizzard wants to avoid anything that would disrupt an even playing field through power gain systems. Therefore, cosmetic rewards were the best way to make players feel unique within games without sacrificing fairness.  

The developer update also talks about some of the other changes arriving with the update. More attention will be paid to improve spectate mode, the appearance of sudden death will now be much less frequent, the seasons will extend to approximately three months instead of one for competitive mode, and skill ratings can be viewed for both individuals and teams so players can have more transparency in play.    

There is still not a set date for the Overwatch update, but it is aiming to reach players by the end of June. For more Overwatch you can check out our review, or its latest animated short.