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Fan's Mod Brings Overwatch's Tracer To Street Fighter V

by AJ Moser on Jun 20, 2016 at 09:15 AM

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One 3D artist online has just released a mod for Street Fighter V that brings Tracer, the public face of Overwatch, to the fighting ring. Though she doesn’t have her own unique set of moves, the model is an almost spot-on recreation of Tracer.

THEJAMK recently started a Patreon page to collect donations as they make custom skins for characters in Street Fighter V. They uploaded a video of Tracer in action, which you can see below.

THEJAMK’s previous work includes bringing The Flash and Spider-Gwen to the game. Tracer is a skin for Cammy, meaning she retains the moveset and voice lines of that character. Anyone can download the mod for the PC version of Street Fighter V from the page, and bring Tracer to their game at no cost. 

[Source: THEJAMK]

Our Take
While fan creations and projects like this are always cool to see, we’re not exactly sure how legal it is. Mods for PC games are usually allowed to get as unique as they want, but since this artist is accepting money for characters they don’t own, we wouldn’t be surprised if these costumes were taken down once they gain more attention.