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e3 2016

PlayStation Neo Unlikely To Include Internal PSVR Processing

by Mike Futter on Jun 15, 2016 at 07:46 AM

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Immediately before E3, Sony confirmed the existence of an upcoming, more powerful PlayStation. The PlayStation Neo was a no-show at E3, but we were able to clear up one bit of speculation.

We have long believed that a PlayStation 4 hardware revision and the Neo might include PlayStation VR's external processing box internally. That is unlikely to happen, according to PlayStation R&D director Richard Marks.

"That box is very particular," he says. "We need something that will take the HDMI out of the PS4 and split it into two different places. We need something that will gather the data back from it via USB. It's not really possible to not have something. It's doing this correction for the television set. What we do is render the best possible image for the PS4 out of the headset. We want to also show the image on the headset, so we have to undo this weird warping that's been done for the headset. It's also 120 frames-per-second for the headset, and most TVs don't support that. You could potentially put it in [the PS4], but there's no reason to do that."

So if you're planning on a PlayStation Neo, you'll still likely need a little bit of room for your PSVR processing box. PSVR will be out on October 13, with 30 games at launch and 50 total before the end of the year.