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e3 2016

Horizon Zero Dawn Shows Off Demonic Combat

by Matthew Kato on Jun 13, 2016 at 03:48 PM

Horizon Zero Dawn may have just been delayed, but it at least took the time to make a resounding presence at E3 via a gameplay demo.

The demo showcased Aloy hunting down a report of a demonic machine that was corrupting watchers. Her fight with the crab/scorpion showed off the game's explosion particles, and with every jump it kicked up impressive clouds of dirt and dust. the demon also was quite formidable by grabbing and hurling large boulders with its tail.

In the fight, Aloy used a number of means at her disposal, including tethering the demon to the ground with her ropecaster. The demo also showed her grappling hook and crossbow, and she's got shock and explosive traps in her arsenal.

During the demo we got a sneak peek of the area's world map, which looks of a pretty good size. The true size of the game's total world is unknown