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First Female Combiner Transformer Now Widely Available

by Matt Miller on Jun 09, 2016 at 11:35 AM

For a long time, the Transformers brand of toys, TV shows, comics, games, and movies was a property squarely targeted at young boys, a fact that was represented by a cast of characters that was almost entirely male in persona, voice, and presentation. The boys who were fans as kids subsequently grew up, and formed one of the most enthusiastic collector fan communities around. At the same time, the appeal of giant robots that turn into vehicles and animals has found its way to a broader audience, and large swaths of the fan community have expressed enthusiasm for more diverse characters.

The desire for more diverse characters in the toy line was expressed through multiple fan polls in recent years, the first of which led to the creation of a new female character named Windblade, who has become a fixture in the current run of IDW comics. More recently, a subsequent fan poll last year asked enthusiasts to design the next big combiner robot that would be entering the storyline. The result is Victorion – a towering six-figure toy made up of female bots. 

My Transformers enthusiasm has been well and clearly documented here on Game Informer, and I couldn’t wait to check out this new introduction to the combiner line-up, previously represented by fun characters like Bruticus and Devastator. The new Victorion character is the combined form of the Torchbearers, a team of fervent Autobot warriors and relic hunters. The team and its leader, Pyra Magna, have played some big parts in recent IDW comics, and the toy representation is now widely available. 

The Victorion figure has a number of features that may appeal to longtime collectors, including a unified color scheme, a great head sculpt, and a particularly cool accessory sword. The individual characters that make up Victorion are mostly retools of existing ones, but small touches help to communicate a slightly more feminine quality to the character faces and other features. Like most of the Combiner figures that have been a part of the recent Combiner Wars toy rollout, Victorion in combined form can fall apart pretty easily with excessive play, but my experience with the figure so far is that she has decent poseability for your toy shelf, and she makes for a cool silhouette.  

Victorion likely won’t be headed to retail stores, but she is available for purchase through Hasbro’s own official online store for $99. She’s also available through a plethora of online retailers.