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Make Video Game Music With Super Audio Cart's Sound Bites From Seven Game Systems

by Haley MacLean on Jun 08, 2016 at 07:02 AM

If you have ever wanted to compose video game music, OverClocked ReMix and Impact Soundworks have released a virtual instrument collection of retro video game audio samples entitled Super Audio Cart. Allowing you to create music comprised of your favorite retro game sound bites.

Super Audio Cart has over 5,500 samples in total collected from 7 different video game consoles including, Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Sega Master System, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, NES, and SNES. The engine will have over 1,000 vintage and modern presets, and a 64-slot custom mod matrix.

It is now available through the Impact Soundworks website for $149, and you can check out the first of their series of tutorials for Super Audio Cart here