Persona 5 Breaks Hearts In Move To Valentine’s Day 2017

by Mike Futter on Jun 07, 2016 at 02:00 AM

We’re going to put a positive spin on this. You don’t need to rush through Final Fantasy XV this fall.

Now for the bad news. Persona 5 isn’t coming out this year in the West. But, you can start prepping your significant other for exactly what you’ll be doing on Valentine’s Day. That’s when you’ll finally be able to play it here in the United States.

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Anyone that pre-orders or snags a first-run copy of the PlayStation 4 version will get a steelbook case. That case is also what you’ll find in the $89.99 premium “Take Your Heart” edition.

Also in that collector’s bundle is a soundtrack, 64-page hardcover art book, 4-inch Morgana plush representing the team’s feline member, a school bag with the Shujin Academy crest, and a large collectible box. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions will be out on the same day: February 14, 2017.


Our Take
OK. So this isn’t the best news to wake up to, we know. But let’s look at this optimistically. February is a perfect time to dig into a huge RPG, because there aren’t quite so many titles competing for your attention. And as a Persona fan, you want more people to experience it when there’s less competition, right? See, I’m helping.