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Find Out What's Included In The New Grand Theft Auto Online Finance And Felony Update

by Matthew Kato on Jun 07, 2016 at 08:23 AM

It's time to go legit. Sort of. You may be able to become a big shot corporate CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online's Further Adventures in Finance and Felony (available today for free for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC only), but it's always good to keep your hand in.

In order to become a proper criminal CEO, you'll be able to purchase both an office and a network of warehouses. Think of a CEO as an advanced version of a VIP,  and while in your office you can meet with and hire associates and purchase illegal cargo to distribute across your empire. You have four different office layouts to choose from, all of which have interiors you can customize. You can add upgrades to your office, including a gun locker, safe, and accommodation area for those unlawful all-nighters.

Every office comes with a computer allowing you to launch missions quickly, as well as a 3D map of Los Santos so you can keep track of all your warehouses and ones you want to purchase in the future. If you're successful, you might notice piles of money and 'souvenirs' begin to littler your office space. Make sure to hire an executive assistant to take care of all the behind-the-scene necessities, such as arranging cars to be waiting outside, recovering your impounded cars, scheduling helicopter pickups for quick getaways, and even making sure your snack supply is always maintained.   

Once your base of operations is in place, you can maintain it with new missions including a "run buy" where you venture out to collect cargo, a "run sell" to make some profit, and make sure to defend your warehouses if they should come under attack from fellow criminal king-pins.

Buy missions are multi-part with 20 varieties, and allow you to decide whether you wish to collect 1, 2, or 3 creates of cargo. The more cargo, the greater the risk, but also the greater the reward. After 10 successful buy mission, a CEO can choose to take on a "special item" mission, where you attempt to get a rare item such as a extra large diamond or a film reel back to your warehouse. These special items are sure to attract more attention from both the LSPD and other criminal organizations.

Once you collected the goods, you can undertake sell missions by either land, sea, or air to make a profit. Like in the buy mission, the more crates you try and load off the harder it is going to be.  

Warehouses come in small, medium, and large sizes, and players can own up to five. They store all the cargo collected throughout buy missions, and sell mission can be started directly within them. Warehouses also include a workbench so players can upgrade vehicles used in sell missions with truck and plane armor, increased boat speed, and more.

The update also comes with 11 new vehicles, new clothing and accessories, a 4-player arcade minigame available through the office TVs, new attachments for certain weapons, and more.   

[Source: Rockstar Games]