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Nordic Games Considering Options For Reviving Destroy All Humans! Franchise

by Elise Favis on Jun 05, 2016 at 09:46 AM

According to Nordic Games' product development director and executive producer Reinhard Pollice, the Swedish publisher is looking into a revival of the Destroy All Humans! series.

Pollice unveiled the news through Twitter, noting that options are currently being explored, and that he hopes development will begin shortly:

Destroy all Humans!, the satirical, action-adventure alien invasion series that began in 2005, was acquired by Nordic Games at the THQ auction in 2013, along with plenty of other IPs. We spoke to Pollice back in 2013 about the publisher's future plans for the assortment of franchises they acquired, such as Darksiders. You can also check out our Replay episode of Destroy All Humans!.

Our Take
The Destroy All Humans! games are a weird and silly bunch, but that's also what makes them stand out. I think there's potential here if Nordic Games ends up continuing or remastering this series it acquired, though it's uncertain exactly what its approach will be. Hopefully we'll start to hear more about these plans, if the considerations become more concrete and development begins.