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See What It Takes To Make A Limited-Edition Darth Vader Helmet Prop

by AJ Moser on Jun 02, 2016 at 08:39 AM

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If you've got a spare $3,500 lying around, you can have an extremely limited edition piece of Star Wars: The Force Awakens memorabilia in your home. Propshop just revealed featured props from fan-favorite characters.

The props include Kylo Ren's helmet, Chewbacca's Bowcaster, and a number of lightsabers. The most impressive, and most expensive piece, is the melted Darth Vader helmet. This piece is limited to 500 items, comes with an asking price of $3,500, and after shipping totals over $4,000.

The video below shows off the process that artists and designers underwent to reproduce and print the helmet. The textures and patterns on the helmet's surface are textured from 3D data taken directly from the movie, and the detail is hand-painted individually on each helmet.

Even if you aren't considering picking up the helmet, you should check out this video for a close look at how much thought goes into some of the collectibles that are available. Star Wars fans are no strangers to collectible merchandise, but this ultimate line from The Force Awakens is mighty expensive.

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