e3 2016

Here’s How The E3 Floorplan Has Changed From 2015 To 2016

by Mike Futter on Jun 01, 2016 at 06:32 AM

The Los Angeles Convention Center is going to look different this year. EA is holding its own event nearby and Activision won’t have its own booth, leaving big holes in the tightly-packed South Hall.

If you’re interested in an eagle’s eye view of the E3 layout, we’ve got you covered. Below, you can check out last year’s maps (with key booths labeled). 

We’ve also fully detailed this year’s floorplans, in case you’re interested in who will be showing in the main halls. Note that there are off-floor meeting rooms and off-site venues, also. If you don’t see a company listed, don’t assume they won’t have a presence during the show.

E3 takes place from Tuesday, June 14, through Thursday, June 16. Press conferences begin on Sunday, June 12. You can see that full schedule here.

All images can be clicked to enlarge for readability.

E3 2015 South Hall:

E3 2016 South Hall:

E3 2015 West Hall:

E3 2016 West Hall:

E3 2015 maps courtesy NeoGAF, Top image courtesy Entertainment Software Association