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Fable Fortune CCG Kickstarter Is Essentially A Pre-Order Program

by Mike Futter on May 31, 2016 at 04:52 AM

When Microsoft decided to close Lionhead in April, the big question that lingered surrounded the fate of the Fable franchise. It wasn’t long after that we learned the publisher had opted to hold onto the fantasy action-RPG property rather than sell it.

While it’s unclear what long-term plans Microsoft has for Fable, for now, it is content to let a group of former Lionhead developers make use of it. The new Flaming Fowl Studios is continuing an idea that was secretly under development by a small team at Lionhead. The game was close to announcement and will be rolling out to backers in July and August if funded.

The studio says that it needs the funds to afford monthly costs on the road to closed beta. The company may also need additional funding, even if the campaign is successful. “However depending on the total achieved we may still need to look elsewhere to organise the final funding but we don't believe this would be an issue,” the company writes.

Fable Fortune is a digital collectible card game, like Hearthstone, that is headed to Xbox One and PC first with iOS and Android later. Like the core Fable series, the card game features a morality system that sees your cards morph into good or evil versions.

In addition to competitive play, there will be a cooperative mode. Here, two players team up to take down a boss based on one of the included Albion locations.

Fable Fortune will be free-to-play, with in-game monetization via card purchases. Flaming Fowl, which is working with Mediatonic (Square Enix’s Heavenstrike Rivals), is asking for £250,000 (approximately $366,000). As of publication, the campaign has raised £3,005 ($4,508) with 28 days remaining. The game is slated to launch in August 2016.

[Source: Kickstarter]


Our Take
I suspect this was going to be one of Microsoft’s E3 announcements. It’s good of the publisher to allow the project to continue, though this is an exceedingly crowded market with Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls Legends, Runescape: Chronicles, and others. 

Even if this does get crowdfunded, it’s not going to be an easy rode to keep it alive. And given that the campaign might not even be enough to complete the project, this seems a bit iffy.