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40 Million PlayStation 4s Have Been Sold Worldwide

by Mike Futter on May 26, 2016 at 01:50 AM

Sony has upgraded its sales numbers for PlayStation 4. During its year-end earnings report, the company reported that it had shipped 40 million units as of March 31, 2016. As of May 22, that has been upgraded to 40 million units sold.

The company also reports that the PlayStation 4 remains Sony's fastest-selling PlayStation console. Software sales at retail on PlayStation Network now total 270.9 million (not inclusive of DLC and other add-on content), putting attach rate at six (nearing seven) games per console sold. This comes just days after Sony announced Uncharted 4 sales had reached 2.7 million copies.

With E3 just a few weeks away, rumors are swirling about a hardware announcement focused on a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4. You can read more about that in our previous coverage.


Our Take
With such strong sales, it's hard to reconcile the rumors of another PlayStation 4 version with a better GPU and processor. Splitting the user base (which is what would happen despite efforts to ensure developers treat both specs identically) seems like the wrong decision for the current market leader.