Report: The Talos Principle Sequel Has Been Confirmed

by Mike Futter on May 20, 2016 at 06:10 AM

Last year, Serious Sam developer Croteam took its experience with first-person games in a different direction. The result was The Talos Principle, a philosophical puzzle game that was received well by critics and the public.

Speaking at the Nordic Games Conference today, the studio has apparently confirmed it is working on a sequel. The news came via a tweet from Damir Durović, managing director of Reboot Mag, who was in the audience.

No specific details have been revealed, including timing. We’ve reached out to Devolver Digital, which got back to us immediately. “Ask them where Serious Sam 4 is,” the company told us.

There’s a backstory here. In the months leading up to E3 2014, Devolver (which has a long, fruitful relationship with Croteam), was under the impression that the studio was working on Serious Sam 4. The team dripped assets to Devolver, starting with screenshots and a flythrough gif.

Devolver was starting to get worried, though. There were no renders for Sam, enemies, or even guns. 

Just a couple of months before E3, Croteam uploaded a playable build. It wasn’t Serious Sam 4, though. It was The Talos Principle, and Devolver was happy just the same. While that humorous official comment doesn’t really tell us much, it gave us an opportunity to explore the relationship between the two parties and tell this story. The takeaway? Croteam could be working on The Talos Principle 2, and Devolver is so hands off with its longtime partner that the surprise might not just be for fans.

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[Source: Damir Durović on Twitter via Twinfinite]


Our Take
The Talos Principle features some challenging puzzles, and while the comparisons to Portal are fair, the two games are wildly different. The Talos Principle features a heavier tone with strong philosophical leanings, creating an entirely different feel. All of that is to say that it’s worth checking out, and more just like it would be welcome.