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Google Daydream Is An Upcoming Gear VR Competitor

by Mike Futter on May 18, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Google today announced that it is developing a device called Daydream, that functions similarly to Samsung’s Gear VR. Daydream is both a baked-in VR platform and a housing that will hold a phone to take advantage of the upcoming Android N operating system.

The company is also working on developing a remote control-like input device. A number of phone manufacturers have signed on, including Samsung, HTC, and LG.

No prototype was shown, but Google showed off a drawing that evokes a similar design to Gear VR. The device essentially functions as a phone holder (though more advanced than Google Cardboard).

A number of companies will have committed to Google Daydream, including CNN, CCP with an EVE Gunjack game, and nDreams with two games in development.


Our Take
Gear VR is a good entry option currently on the market now, but if anything it serves as a tech demo or proof of concept for the better experience powered by high-end PCs. It’s a great way to get people on board conceptually, but there are few experiences that make me want to carry it with me. I don’t see Daydream as any different.