Acer And Starbreeze Team Up To Develop And Manufacture StarVR Headset

by Elise Favis on May 15, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Acer is partnering with Starbreeze, the game studio behind The Darkness, to help bring their virtual reality headset StarVR to life, which was announced last year at E3.

Acer, one of the world's largest computer manufacturers, will aid Starbreeze in its design, manufacturing, and marketing for the StarVR.

“Acer is thrilled to join forces with Starbreeze in bringing the StarVR head-mounted display to the market,” said Jason Chen, Acer Corporate President and CEO. “We are devoting R&D resources across multiple aspects of the VR ecosystem for a coherent and high-quality experience, while just last month Acer announced powerful desktops and notebooks fully-ready for StarVR. Starbreeze and Acer share the same goal of delivering best-in-class VR applications, and we look forward to unlocking new VR possibilities together with this partnership.”

StarVR is a 210 degree, high resolution VR headset that was initially born from the InfinitEye project. We had the chance to try the headset out at E3 2015, where it was coupled with a demo based on The Walking Dead. Since then, Starbreeze unveiled plans for a virtual reality arcade space in Los Angeles called StarCade and premiered a cinematic VR experience during the first week of this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Both Acer and Starbreeze plan to gear the device towards more location-based and enterprise-focused markets, which likely means StarVR won't be competing as much against consumer-based VR experiences such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. 


Our Take
Considering how large a company Acer is, it's bound to help this VR headset gain a bit more leverage in the marketplace. During last year's E3, our editor Mike Futter had a chance to try the StarVR headset himself. While he enjoyed his experience for the most part, he noted issues from pixelation to a bulky design that felt heavy to wear. If StarVR hopes to be successful, problems like these will first have to be ironed out.