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Monster Hunter Generations Lands In July With Limited Edition New 3DS XL

by Mike Futter on May 12, 2016 at 05:24 AM

Monster Hunter has been a fan favorite in Japan for years. It’s only recently, with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, that the West has started to catch onto the franchise in earnest. 

Capcom is looking to build on that momentum with the release of Monster Hunter Generations, which now has a firm summer release date. We’re looking forward to diving back in on July 15, after a solid hands-on opportunity at PAX East. If you want to check out the new Hunter Arts and Styles for yourself, a demo will be available before launch.

Monster Hunter Generations will support the C-stick for camera movement on New 3DS and New 3DS XL (as did its predecessor). If you’re interested in picking one up, a special edition will launch alongside the game. Note that the game itself isn’t included, so you’ll still need a digital or physical copy.


Our Take
I’ve tried a number of times to dig into Monster Hunter, but it’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate that really hooked me. At PAX East, I fell in love with the styles and arts that add more customization and strategy to the core combat. Everything that makes the series stand out seems to remain (though our hands-on opportunity was brief), with these new elements giving players more choice without diluting the experience.