Next Star Wars Battlefront Confirmed For 2017, Includes Newer Movies

by Mike Futter on May 10, 2016 at 12:22 PM

On its earnings call today, EA confirmed that it is looking at an annual cadence for Star Wars games. While there isn’t anything on the docket for this fall (Battlefront DLC is still in play), you can expect something new in 2017.[

EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen confirmed that 2017 will see another Star Wars Battlefront game. Visceral’s game will likely be the title that drops in 2018, though the language around fiscal and calendar years makes that a bit unclear.

"We’ll most likely have one Star Wars title a year for the next three to four years," Jorgensen said. "Next year we’ll see Star Wars battlefront back with bigger and better worlds, because we now have the new movies to work off of, not just the historical movies that we used before. We also are working on a Star Wars action game that part of the Motive team is working on as well as part of the Visceral team and that’s most likely the following year."

Additionally, EA and Respawn just announced that they are working on a game in the Star Wars universe. While EA is shooting for one game per year, that doesn’t preclude the publisher from doubling down depending on what Disney does with the franchise in other media.


Our Take
This is a surprise announcement, though not entirely unexpected given EA's history. EA could be looking to alternate Battlefield and Battlefront with DLC bridging the gaps. The question is whether the next Battlefront will address content and campaign issues present in the first game.