Rainbow Six Siege’s Dust Line DLC Gets Its Own Full Trailer

by Mike Futter on May 09, 2016 at 07:38 AM

Now that the coy teasing is over, Ubisoft is giving Rainbow Six Siege players a solid look at the new map and Navy SEAL operators coming with the Dust Line DLC. If you’re a season pass holder, you only have two days before you can bring these two into the fight.

In addition to a better look at Blackbeard’s rifle shield and Valkyrie’s cameras, you can see the appropriately sandy Border map. Season pass members get access on May 11. Everyone else can dig in on May 18.

In addition to the DLC, there are some quality of life changes coming to the Rainbow Six Siege. You can now customize loadout between rounds and cancel gadget placement. A number of weapons and items have received balancing tweaks, and match results will now show the winning team’s operators and an MVP.