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GTA Online Details Update Plans

by Matt Miller on May 09, 2016 at 11:35 AM

A post on Rockstar’s newswire has provided some juicy details regarding what players can expect out of the play experience of GTA Online in the coming months and before the end of 2016.  

Following on the heels of the Executives and Other Criminals release from late 2015, Rockstar has plans to implement new gameplay around contraband trafficking for your Organization. You’ll be able to buy and sell jewels, narcotics, medical supplies, and other illicit trade, all from the comfort of your HQ. Your team can get attacked when they head out to make a pickup, enemies can raid your warehouses, and a system tracks the condition of your goods as items take damage, reducing values if you’re not careful. 

Rockstar is also promising new stunt driving option, including new vehicles, gear, and props for creators to build crazy stunt setups, as illustrated in the screen above. 

GTA Online will also see an expanded set of locations for the In and Out game mode that recently released, but perhaps the more exciting tidbit is that Rockstar is also working on plans for other new competitive team-based modes that will be introduced in the future. 

Finally, players can expect to see more of the special bonus weeks that have been cropping up throughout the game, in which particular game content is highlighted through events, vehicles go on sale, and other fun activities that encourage regular weekly engagement. 

Source: Rockstar