Destiny Registered Players Now ‘Nearly 30 Million’

by Mike Futter on May 05, 2016 at 11:38 AM

As part of its first quarter earnings report, Activision gave a bit more information about Destiny’s performance. The company is still shying away from unit sales though, preferring report registered users.

In the first quarter of the calendar and fiscal year, Destiny users climbed to nearly 30 million. This is up from the more than 25 million reported for the quarters ending December 31 and September 30. 

Prior to this, Destiny usership was reported in a group with Hearthstone and Heroes of the storm. These totaled 70 million, though it is impossible to parse that number further. For more on Activision's first quarter financial performance, check out our report on the earnings statement.

[Source: Activision]


Our Take
This is a significant jump for Destiny, which has been stagnating since shortly after the launch of The Taken King. The April update (which will be reported as part of the second quarter) seems to have reinvigorated the community a bit, but we won’t know how much until reporting happens this summer.