Battlefront Celebrates Star Wars Day With 4,444 Credits, Free PC Trial

by Mike Futter on May 02, 2016 at 03:33 AM

This Wednesday is very special for fans of a galaxy far, far away. It’s Star Wars Day. Why is it Star Wars Day? Because May the 4th be with you. That’s why.

EA is celebrating the event with a number of Star Wars: Battlefront items, as well as goodies in its other Star Wars games. Battlefront players that log in on Wednesday will receive 4,444 credits to spend on Star Cards and blasters. 

A new Hutt Contract will also be available, awarding anyone that spends between 3,500 and 8,000 and completes bounties a Bacta Bomb Star Card that heals allies. If you’ve not tried Battlefront, a free four-hour trial will be available on PC via Origin.

EA is offering free items for its other Star Wars games, too. The Old Republic players can log in between now and May 4 for a free M4-I6 droid pet. There will also be double XP and legacy XP, double PVP commendations, and double requisitions in Starfighter mode  awarded from May 3 through May 10. You can also play the first Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter now through May 30.

For mobile players, EA is offering double drop events in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and discounts on currency bundles. Konami’s Star Wars mobile game, Force Collection, is giving away a 5-Star R2-D2 card. That game is also adding Rey and Kylo Ren cards, a special Star Wars Day card pack for purchase, new events based on The Force Awakens, and gameplay changes.

[Source: EA