Rumor: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Comes With Campaign And Multiplayer

by Mike Futter on Apr 29, 2016 at 04:34 AM

Another day means another Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare leak. This time, we’re getting a look at what appears to be a Canadian poster detailing more of how you’ll be able to get the Modern Warfare remaster.

According to an advertising poster, the game will be out on November 4, 2016 (Canadians use the day/month/year format). The standard version of the game will be $79.99 CDN ($59.99 USD). 

If you want to get it with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, you’ll need to pony up for the legacy edition. That’s priced at $109.99 CDN, which will probably put it at $79.99 USD.

The remaster of Infinity Ward’s 2007 series entry will come with a campaign and 10 multiplayer maps. There’s no word yet if it will be sold separately at launch or later on.

We’ve reached out to Activision (again) for comment. We’ll update should we receive a response.

[Source: Reddit]


Our Take
Given that Canada uses the ESRB, the day/month date format, and the pricing fits that country, this looks fairly compelling. We suggest exercising some caution though, because if this is real (which we cannot verify), it likely does not tell the whole story. With this many leaks though, we suspect Activision will show its hand soon.