Oxenfree Coming To PlayStation 4, All Versions Getting New Game+

by Mike Futter on Apr 27, 2016 at 05:13 AM

Night School Studio’s Oxenfree is making the jump from Xbox One and PC to PlayStation 4 next month. At the same time, all three versions are getting a New Game+ mode with added content.

The new mode will include additional dialog, locations, and endings. The PlayStation 4 version will also make use of the Dual Shock 4 features, including light bar color changes and the speaker (which will pipe audio from the in-game supernatural radio).

For more on Oxenfree, check out our review. Oxenfree will be out on PS4 on May 31, which is when you can play the New Game+ mode on Xbox One and PC, also.


Our Take
Oxenfree is one of those games you shouldn’t know too much about before you play it (as Andrew Reiner mentioned in his feature about going in blind). If you want a basic understanding of what to expect though, Kim Wallace said that it reminded her of what would happen if you mixed a John Hughes movie with a Wes Craven film.