Nintendo Is Only Bringing One Playable Game To E3, NX A No-Show

by Mike Futter on Apr 27, 2016 at 03:28 AM

Nintendo announced early this morning that its next console, the NX, won’t be coming until March 2017. The company seems to have its eyes firmly set on that launch leaving 3DS and Wii U games coming before then in the background.

To that end, it will only be bringing one game to E3. The Legend of Zelda, which has been delayed to launch simultaneously on the NX and Wii U, will be playable on the show floor.

Nintendo says that it is the only title that the Wii U version will be playable for the first time, and it is the sole focus of the company’s presence at the show. The NX will not be making an appearance, with a formal reveal planned for later in the year.


Our Take
Nintendo still has a few big games coming out between now and the NX launch. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will be out in late June. Paper Mario Color Splash is coming to Wii U later in the year. On 3DS, Nintendo has Pokémon Sun and Moon and two Dragon Quest remakes (VII and VIII), which it lists as first-party published games.

I understand the focused approach Nintendo is taking. A lot is riding on both the new Zelda and the NX launch. But with nearly a full year before that console hits, the company is gambling with nearly an entire fiscal year.