Alpha Demo For Team Ninja's Nioh Launches Today On PS4

by Brian Shea on Apr 26, 2016 at 03:00 AM

If you've been dying to try out Team Ninja's upcoming samurai combat-focused action-RPG, Nioh, Koei Tecmo is now giving you that opportunity. Starting today, PlayStation 4 owners can download the free Alpha Demo of Nioh.

The demo features two unique stages that give players a good look at the combat and setting of Nioh. The first stage takes place in the remains of a small fishing village that was wiped out by an invasion, while the second stage has you facing off against demonic beings in a different area. To get through these stages in the demo, players are able to choose between three weapons classes: spear, axe, and katana.

Players who complete the Nioh Alpha Demo will be given access to The Mark of the Conqueror DLC for free at the full game's launch. In addition, those who complete the demo are able to take a survey, which rewards players with an exclusive phone wallpaper.

If you're interested in downloading this demo, it's important to act relatively fast, as the Nioh Alpha Demo disappears from the PlayStation Store on May 5.

Check out some more gruesome screens from the game below. Nioh is set to launch on PlayStation 4 sometime this year.


Our Take
Nioh is one of those games that is on the radars of a lot of people who have had the chance to see it, but hasn't quite grabbed the attention of the mainstream. Getting this in the hands of as many people as possible prior to release could prove to be a very smart move for Koei Tecmo.