Atlus Localizing Nintendo-Published Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

by Matt Miller on Apr 21, 2016 at 08:39 AM

The announcement of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for North America surprised many fans, especially because the new name of the game makes no clear mention of the fact that the project is a mash-up of the popular Atlus series, Shin Megami Tensei, and Nintendo's Fire Emblem.

We reached out to Nintendo regarding localization plans for the project, and received an interesting response that showed that the publisher is taking a different approach than many of the games it brings over from Japan.

“Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was localized by Atlus in a way that is consistent with the localization work they do on games they publish,” reads a statement from Nintendo of America. “It was a priority to ensure the game feels familiar and appeals to longtime Atlus fans. Any changes made to the in-game content were due to varying requirements and regulations in the many different territories Nintendo distributes its products.”

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is headed to Wii U on June 24. 


Our Take
Nintendo has taken some heat from fans in recent months for some of its localization changes, including in projects like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Fire Emblem Fates. There’s no doubt that same fan base will be watching Atlus’ efforts closely as it prepares Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE for launch.