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Better Ways To Show Your Dark Souls Love Than Prima's Disappointing Estus Flask

by Elise Favis on Apr 17, 2016 at 12:58 PM

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With the arrival of Dark Souls III last week, Prima released an Estus Flask special edition game guide, which alongside other merchandise, included a replica of an Estus Flask. Unfortunately, many unboxing videos and reviews have shown that fans are dissatisfied with the cheap-looking flask. With this in mind, we've compiled some better Estus Flask-themed merchandise so you can show off your love for Dark Souls.

The flask, an item from Dark Souls that replenishes a player's life, is described as a "high-quality, resin replica of the emerald Estus Flask" on Prima's official website. The Estus Flask edition guide launched at a price of $129.99, and is listed at $73.70 on Amazon. It's a hefty price, and many felt underwhelmed with the product. Game critic Jim Sterling wrote in his unboxing review that, "The hollow lump is made from cheap green plastic that doesn’t even come close to the shade featured in promotional photography. Upon closer inspection, I’m fairly certain the official image doesn’t even display a physical flask – it looks like they’ve substituted an artist’s rendition rather than the real product."

You can view an image of the Prima "flask" that came with the special edition pack below:

(Photo from Amazon review)

Lucky for you, there are better (and less costly) ways to show your appreciation for the Souls series. Check out the list below for some neat alternatives.

Estus Flask Necklace – $8.99 
Click here to go to Etsy Shop

Estus Flask Mug – $14.99
Click here to go to Etsy Shop

Estus Flask Premium Quality T-Shirt – $26.99
Click here to go to Red Bubble

Estus Flask Hard Lemonade T-Shirt – $26.61
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Sir Oscar of Astora's Estus Flask T-shirt – $29.81
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There are a lot more Estus Flask-themed t-shirts to choose from on Red Bubble, and you can view them all here. If you're looking for Dark Souls merchandise outside of Estus Flasks, check out this article from The Daily Crate for more.

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