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Speedrunner Sets New World Record For Super Mario Bros.

by Ben Reeves on Apr 14, 2016 at 09:42 AM

Speedrunner Darbian can complete Nintendo’s classic platformer in the amount of time it normally takes to heat a TV dinner, and you can watch the impressive triumph right here.

I remember the day when I could finally complete Super Mario Bros. in one afternoon; I felt pretty accomplished. Darbian recently completed a Super Mario Bros. Any% run (meaning its not a 100% run, so he could use the warp zones and skip levels) that was less than five minutes long, which puts everyone else's completion time to shame. Darbian played on a real NES, so there are not computer tricks here, but there are a number of impressive close calls.

Darbian isn't that much faster than the previous record of 4:57.627, but you can watch that run here to see what he did differently. For more on speedrunning, check out our guided tour of how to complete Super Metroid in no time flat.