Fallout 4’s Chryslus Rocket ’69 Debuts In Forza Motorsport 6

by Luke Walaszek on Apr 14, 2016 at 07:46 AM

Fallout 4’s retro-futuristic sports car, the Chryslus Rocket ’69, will soon join the roster of playable vehicles for Forza fans on Xbox One. Starting today, codes for the car will be sent to Xbox Live members who have played either Fallout 4 or Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One.

Codes will be sent out in an Xbox Live message and may take up to seven days to appear. Players who buy Forza or Fallout between now and the end of the month will receive a code for the slick red racer beginning in early May. 

Last year a Fallout-themed Ford F100 was featured in Forza. The Chryslus Rocket ’69 was announced with no specific date. 

The Chryslus Rocket ’69, better known as the "Cherry Bomb" to Fallout fans, is advertised as the “first car to break the sound barrier.” Dilapidated and destroyed shells of the coupe can be found peppering the Boston Commonwealth.

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