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Remedy Addresses Quantum Break Windows 10 Problems

by Mike Futter on Apr 13, 2016 at 03:40 AM

While Xbox One gamers have been having a mostly trouble-free time with Quantum Break, the PC version has been experiencing problems. Criticisms include frame rate stutters, crashes, and performance issues.

In an extensive post on the game’s forum’s Remedy has acknowledged a host of issues with plans for improving many of them. The frame rate issues will be addressed in a title update coming soon.

Remedy has a workaround for performance problems that occur after extended play sessions. It’s a simple one, too: close the game and reopen it. The developer says this is rare, but it is due to video memory fragmentation that happens over longer sessions.

One criticism levied, that the game doesn’t have a way to quit to desktop, is being addressed. While the accusation isn’t accurate (there is a red X that appears when hovering your mouse at the top right corner of the screen), Remedy is adding a menu option that will accomplish the same thing.

For those playing on Xbox One, the occasional strobing light that appears will be repaired in the next update. If you experience this, closing the game and reopening it should take care of the issue.

One thing that won’t be changing is SLI and Crossfire support for Windows 10. Remedy says that implementation would have been “significant and out of scope” for this game.

You can read the entire post for more technical explanations. You can also check out our Quantum Break review for our perspective on the game.

[Source: Remedy]


Our Take
Since I’m playing on Xbox One, I haven’t experienced many of these issues. I did run into the weird strobing light and wasn’t sure if it was an intended effect I just didn’t understand or a bug. It was most certainly intrusive, so if you see something weird like that, shut the game down and reopen.

It’s unfortunate that the PC version is having so many problems. Especially with Microsoft under fire for the Universal Windows Platform approach and gamers unhappy about the game being locked to the Windows storefront, this isn’t going to win people over.