HOVR Hopes To Help Gamers Burn Calories Just By Sitting

by Mike Futter on Apr 13, 2016 at 08:21 AM

It’s everyone’s dream to burn calories while sitting. HOVR hopes to make that a reality with a Mayo Clinic-certified device that is designed to make the most of your sedentary time.

HOVR is a pair of discs connected by a metal bar that either attach to the underside of your desk or sit on a moveable stand. Users place their feet on the discs and move freely, simulating walking.

The Chicago-based company says that this increases non-exercise calorie burn by 17 percent and can help people chained to a desk meet activity targets recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. HOVR is currently raising funds on IndieGogo, with shipments projected in July.

HOVR founders include Ronald Mochizuki, an MD specializing in rehabilitation and personal trainer John Godoy. In addition to Mayo Clinic endorsement, HOVR was tested by the the University of Illinois at Chicago, which confirms that use of the device can burn “significantly more” calories than sitting and won’t cause users to be distracted from their desk work.  

Pricing is set at $44 for a desk-mounted unit and $79 for one with a stand. Retail cost will be higher than Indiegogo backer pricing. 

Having not used the device, it’s hard to judge how comfortable and intrusive it is. However, with more of us working at desks all day (and then gaming all night), burning a few extra calories doesn’t sound like a bad deal.