This Mod Brings Fire Emblem Relationship Building To XCOM 2

by Elise Favis on Apr 10, 2016 at 08:28 AM

Can you imagine XCOM 2 as a romance sim? Well, maybe this isn't quite that, but a mod called Squad Cohesion brings elements of Fire Emblem into the world of XCOM 2.

While the mod doesn't bring any Fire Emblem aesthetics to XCOM, what it does instead is introduce relationship building statistics for your squad members. Creator RealityMachinima explains that "this mod puts a dash of Fire Emblem into your XCOM" and it will give "small buffs for squads that trust in each other." Basically, you can play matchmaker or grow friendships between soldiers in your unit, which sounds downright amazing.

Certain actions will increase these relationship stats, such as healing a squad member or carrying them out of battle. While these relationships continue to grow, you'll receive notifications about increased stats. Relationship perks include stat gains towards skills such as aiming, critical hits, hacking, and will. But be careful, because these relationships can crumble, too. If a soldier falls in battle, and another squad member was close to them, the surviving friend might receive the "Shaken" status, which lowers the entire unit's willpower. The closer these two squad members were, the higher the chances are of this occurring.

You can check out the full details of RealityMachina's mod on Steam. For more on XCOM 2 read our review here, as well as read about other neat additions such as turning your soldiers into stormtroopers and downloading a squad unit full of iconic video game characters (and GI staff look-a-likes).