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Star Wars Fan Builds Life-Size AT-ST In Backyard

by Luke Walaszek on Apr 06, 2016 at 08:15 AM

A particularly crafty Star Wars aficionado has built a life-size replica of the Empire’s All Terrain Scout Transport seen in Return of the Jedi. Standing at just over 27 feet tall, the walker seats two passengers and is outfitted with moving “laser cannons” and functional eye shutters.  

Photos of the AT-ST first showed up on Imgur around eight months ago, when a user called Mr. Kernish noticed something strange on the horizon and decided to snap a few pictures. Soon after, Kernish asked the owner for a tour, and that’s when he captured the following video.  

The architect behind the impressive replica is keeping his identity a secret, so Kernish has taken to calling him Kuat (a reference to the planet where the Empire produces most of its vehicles). Kuat said he pulled most of the specs from the internet. 

The interior is just as detailed as the exterior. It’s a mess of circuit boards, joysticks, and levers, just the way George Lucas would want it. 

Filming for Star Wars: Episode VIII is in full swing. Yesterday director Rian Johnson posted an on-set teaser image.  

[Source: The Verge]