Bungie Outlines The April Update's Increased Reputation Gains

by Elise Favis on Apr 03, 2016 at 06:37 AM

A significant update is coming this month for Destiny, and Bungie has revealed more information on new reputation gains tied to many of the factions and activities, and how these boosts will be easier and more frequent than before.

The news comes via a Bungie developer blog post from Senior Designer Victoria Dollbaum, who explains that, "Your time is valuable, so we’ve increased the amount of reputation you’ll gain by completing the activities you enjoy."

She also notes that adjustments have been made so collectors can obtain their items more easily, and the chances of receiving reputation boosters outside of Sterling Treasure has also been increased.

You can view the full details below:

Increased Reputation Gains:
Heroic Strikes:
  • 120 Vanguard reputation
  • 60 reputation with your aligned Faction
  • 90 Crucible reputation
  • Additional bonus for winning
  • 45 reputation with your aligned Faction

Kill and Collect Patrols:

  • 40 vanguard reputation 
  • 20 reputation with your aligned Faction

Scan, Scout, VIP, and Taken patrols:

  • 50 Vanguard reputation
  • 25 reputation with your aligned Faction
Prison of Elders:
  • Level 41: 150 House of Judgment reputation
  • Challenge of the Elders: 100 House of Judgment reputation

The reputation packages of Queen's Wraith and Crota's Bane will not be receiving any changes with the update. 

Destiny's April update arrives on the 12th. For more details on the new gear and content arriving with it, read our feature about it here. You can also preview over 80 images from the update here. Be sure to also check out our Destiny review.