Freestyle Games Suffers Layoffs As Part Of Previously Announced Activision Realignment

by Mike Futter on Apr 01, 2016 at 04:55 AM

In February, we reported on layoffs at Activision studios in different locations. At the time, one such studio affected was Guitar Hero Live developer Freestyle Games in the UK.

Because of a mandatory "consultation" period that is part of UK labor laws, it's only now we're seeing layoffs at the studio. Activision confirmed to us today that a number of employees have been let go as part of the publisher's reorganization following a dip in casual game performance.

Activision and FreeStyleGames leadership have been considering a range of future options for the studio, and have been consulting with staff to explore all alternatives. The collective team have now reached the end of a consultation exercise and the decision has been made to restructure FreeStyleGames to better align the studio resources with future business needs. We are working with the studio teams to explore options to rebalance staff within Activision Blizzard and its related organisations.

The UK remains a key market for Activision Blizzard and FreeStyleGames continues to be a great partner. We thank all of the team for their continued passion, creativity and commitment.

Activision announced in early February that performance on Guitar Hero Live and 2015's Skylanders game fell short of expectations. This move is a transition for Freestyle from developing a full triple-A game to supporting the Guitar Hero TV segment of Guitar Hero Live.

Activision declined to comment on the specific number of employees affected by the layoffs. 


Our Take
Our thoughts are with those affected by these layoffs. We're relieved that the studio is not being closed, though transitions like this from game development to support impact a number of employees.