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That Jay And Silent Bob Brawler Met Its Funding Goal

by Jeff Cork on Mar 31, 2016 at 04:59 AM

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Last month, Interabang announced that it was developing a brawler featuring Jay and Silent Bob, those lovable recurring burnouts from several of Kevin Smith's films. The indie studio was raising money for the project on crowdfunding site Fig, and today they announced that the game has exceeded its funding goal of $400,000.

Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch blew past the initial goal and exceeded the $420,000 stretch goal that will add several more playable characters to the brawler. For the uninitiated, Chronic Blunt Punch is a combo-heavy brawler that features two-player co-op, a Monkey Island-style insult system, and the same kind of humor you can expect from something associated with Kevin Smith.

It's coming to PC first, and may eventually come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For more on the game, listen to our recent episode of the Game Informer Show, which has an interview with actor Jason Mewes (Jay) and Interabang's Justin Woodward.


Our Take
My enthusiasm for Clerks and Mallrats has diminished as I've gotten older, but it's clear that those films still resonate with a lot of people. Or maybe backers just want to run around in a make-believe mall and go crazy. Either way, congrats to Interabang, and good luck with the rest of the project.