Pokémon Snap Is Hitting The Wii U eShop... In Japan

by Mike Futter on Mar 30, 2016 at 03:05 AM

We don't always cover Japanese release news, but this one gives us a bit of hope. Pokémon Snap is hitting the Wii U eShop, though not everywhere.

Originally released on Nintendo 64 in 1999, Pokémon Snap is considered one of the best spinoffs the franchise has seen. You're tasked with taking pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat, which is more engaging than it might sound. Fans have been not-so-quietly hoping for a sequel to no avail.

It will support the GamePad, Classic Controller Pro, or the Wii U Pro Controller. It's priced at ¥1,028 (about $9) and lands next week.

There's no guarantee that western gamers will get it, but Nintendo might just do right by fans. We'll update once we know whether we'll be as lucky as Japanese fans.

You can check out the game in an episode of Replay from 2010. We also compiled a wish list of features we'd love to see in a sequel.

[Source: Nintendo (JP) via Nintendo Inquirer]


Our Take
If you have any desire for a sequel, you might want to vote with your wallet. Maybe, just maybe, if Nintendo sees interest in the re-release we'll finally get that sequel.