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All Of Those 'NX Controller' Pictures? Fakes

by Mike Futter on Mar 25, 2016 at 02:50 AM

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As with most recent console releases, the NX can now be listed as having been faked to fool the internet. The original picture of the NX controller was photoshop work and the two shots of the odd-looking device on a desk were the work of a 3D printer.

The two videos evidencing the creation of the items now clearly modeled after a Nintendo patent emerged online in the last 14 hours. The first, from Idriss2Dev, who “leaked” the first image to site Dual Pixels shows how he made the image look convincing.

The other two images, which look identical to Idriss2Dev’s mockup except in black, were in fact based on that first falsehood. You can see how Frank Sandqvist made the physical fake below.


“So, uh, it’s fake,” Sandqvist says at the start of his video. He then proceeds to show exactly how he fooled a willing fanbase.

Only one thing is for sure when dealing with pictures that randomly appear online purporting to be something entirely unseen: people will go to great lengths to make others fall for a prank.

[Idriss2Dev video via GoNintendo]


Our Take
The sooner Nintendo reveals the NX, the happier I’ll be. I’m not a fan of the speculation over anonymously posted pictures with no established credibility. Reports with solid sourcing are one thing, but people aren’t shy about their willingness to play upon others’ excitement for a cheap thrill or self-promotion.