Hitman’s Elusive Targets Delayed, Two New Escalation Contracts Released

by Mike Futter on Mar 22, 2016 at 05:17 AM

IO Interactive and publisher Square Enix are tweaking Hitman’s post-launch plan a bit today. The Elusive Targets, a feature that gives you one chance to take out a target before they are gone for good, has been delayed.

This piece of Hitman’s live feature set will now be released closer to the next installment taking place in Sapienza, Italy. Until then, IO Interactive will release two new escalation contracts every week.

These task you with a hit, but up the challenge with new elements at each new stage. The two additions this week require you to use blade and poison to eliminate your targets.

Additionally, IO Interactive will be releasing a Vampire Magician challenge pack (explaining the picture above). You’ll have to wear the goofy costume while taking down your targets.

For more on Hitman’s first episode, check out our review, and our video walkthrough of how to ace Hitman's first escalation contract.

[Source: IO Interactive]


Our Take
Hitman has had a bumpy road with all of the changes to its release model. While Elusive Targets needs work right when it launches, it’s disappointing that it won’t be ready on time. Hopefully this will serve as a learning experience as the episodic model expands beyond the adventure genre.