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Razer Core Plug-And-Play GPU Enclosure Available In April For $499

by Mike Futter on Mar 16, 2016 at 03:00 PM

When Razer announced it's ultra-light Blade Stealth laptop at CES, it did so with a companion product that would turn it into a full-fledged gaming machine. Today, Razer is opening up pre-orders for its Core standalone, plug-and-play graphics card enclosure.

The Core holds a GPU and connects to compatible laptops (the Blade Stealth and the upcoming Blade refresh) via Thunderbolt 3 connection. The device supports AMD's new XConnect technology that makes the Core truly plug-and-play, alleviating the need to reboot the laptop after connecting.

Razer's GPU enclosure supports full-size graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia at launch. Only the Thunderbolt cable is required to give compatible laptops a boost with the external graphics card, and the Core includes its own set of four USB 3 ports and ethernet connectivity.

AMD cards fully supported at launch, include:

  • AMD Radeon R9 Fury
  • AMD Radeon R9 Nano
  • AMD Radeon R9 300 Series
  • AMD Radeon R9 290X
  • AMD Radeon R9 290
  • AMD Radeon R9 280

Nvidia GeForce cards supported in the beta program include:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750

The Razer Core is priced at $499. Those that purchase with a Razer laptop will receive a $100 discount. Customers that have already purchased a Razer Blade Stealth will also be granted the reduced price.

Pre-orders are open today. Products will begin shipping in April.