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Fortnite Takes Backseat To Paragon, But Still A Priority For Epic

by Matt Bertz on Mar 16, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Nearly two years have passed since we featured Epic Games' ambitious fort-building action game on the cover of Game Informer, which has been spinning its wheels in closed alpha for quite some time. Curious about its development timeline in the aftermath of producer Tanya Watson's departure, I asked Epic CEO Tim Sweeney how the game is progressing.

"We shifted a lot of resources over to Paragon to get that out in an awesome state," he says. "We figure we should start with one major successful launch and do one at a time. Fortnite will be next."

Though Paragon is the current focus for the company, Sweeney says Fortnite is still progressing.

"Fortnite is moving ahead full-speed," he says. "It's a game with awesome and complex RPG type systems, and a really interesting meta game around it. It's a game that takes time to get right. It remains a huge priority for Epic, and expect more news to come out over time."