Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Is Whispers Of The Old Gods

by Daniel Tack on Mar 11, 2016 at 06:25 AM

Get ready to party with the likes of C’Thun, Y’Shaarj, and Yogg-Saron in late April or early May, as the next 134 card expansion comes to Blizzard’s digital collectible card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

There will naturally be a new themed arena to play in, and special new mechanics that interact with the gods – like crazy followers that will raise your Old God’s power, even when the God is "sleeping" in your deck! Like other expansions and rollouts, there’s an incentive to come back and check it out – you’ll get a C’thun and a Beckoner of Evil for cracking your first Old Gods pack, and you’ll also get three packs free if you log in during a promotional period (likely a little before or when the expansion goes live).

We can also see just in the few preview cards already available, some of the cards in this set are "corrupted" takes on popular favorites from other sets (Or in the Doomsayer's case, he's really excited that he was right - the end IS coming!)

Check out some of the crazy new cards below, and you’ll get the idea that the coming months will be filled with god-boosting and insanity!