Hitman Full-Season Disc Release Moved To January 2017

by Mike Futter on Mar 10, 2016 at 05:16 AM

The first episode of Square Enix’s latest Hitman is out tomorrow. Over the coming months, new locations and assassinations will be added to give players reason to more fully explore the expansive locales.

For those holding off for the promised physical release, your wait is a bit longer than originally anticipated. Square Enix says that the retail version won’t be arriving in 2016. It will, instead, be shipping in January 2017.

“This year is all about delivering the best episodic experience for Hitman and that takes us to Autumn/Fall," a Square Enix representative told us via email. "Releasing the disc version in January just makes sure we have enough time after the season concludes to dedicate to getting the best disc version of the game out.”

Seven episodes will be released between now and then. The first, releasing tomorrow, includes the prologue (covered in the beta) and Paris. Sapienza, Italy arrives in April and Marrakesh, Morocco drops in May. 

Later in the year, we’ll be going to Thailand, the United States, and Japan. All of these episodes will be released in 2016.

The full season pass is $60, with options to buy and introduction pack for $15 and later upgrade for another $50. You can also purchase individual episodes for $10 on top of the intro pack. For more on Hitman, you can read our impressions from the beta.


Our Take
A slight delay for the retail product isn’t a huge worry. A January release catches people outside the busy holiday season, likely giving it a better chance for attention.