You Can Play Quidditch In Halo 5

by Mike Futter on Mar 08, 2016 at 07:10 AM

What happens when you mix Grifball and Halo 5’s Forge editor? Magic. That’s what happens. Magic.

Harry Potter fans have been fascinated by the fictional sport of Quidditch. Teams of broomstick-riding players attempt to score in one of three hoops on either end of the field. 

The game has been recreated in real life (with modified Muggle rules, of course). And now it’s been imported into Halo 5 by a user named xXHugabearXx. 

Players score three points for throwing the ball through one of the hoops. You can also score a single point for taking out an opponent with a gravity hammer. 

Alas, there is no Golden Snitch yet. This modified from of the Wizarding World’s favorite sport is a race to 15 points.  

The map name is “Quidditch Arena” and the game mode is “Quidditch.” You’ll want to save the game mode instead of just bookmarking it.

Well done, xXHugabearXx. Fifteen points to Gryffindor.