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[Update] The Division Servers Are Back Up

by Mike Futter on Mar 08, 2016 at 12:46 AM

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Update: Overnight, Ubisoft shared that the servers should be back up and running (a fact many of you probably figured out on your own). The publisher says the outage was across Ubisoft services.

Everything should be repaired, and you can get back in and start playing.

Original Story:

It’s just about an hour since The Division unlocked here in North America. As you might have expected, the servers buckled the strain of countless agents flooding into New York.

Users are reporting a range of error codes, appropriately nicknamed with letters in the NATO phonetic alphabet (Romeo, Mike, Alpha, etc.) The most common of these is Mike, spawning its own subreddit, appropriately called “f***mike.” Some (myself include) can’t even log into Uplay on PC.

Ubisoft’s Twitter account and the official The Division account have not yet commented on the outage. We’ll update once we know more.