Fable Legends Will End In April, Players To Receive Refunds

by Mike Futter on Mar 08, 2016 at 01:53 AM

Lionhead has sent an email to Fable Legends players alerting them that the game has been canceled. The information included details when the servers will be turned off and how refunds will be handled.

Players have until April 13 to play. Gold sales have ceased immediately, and those that have made real-money purchases will be eligible for refunds. Those that did spend money will receive a follow-up email within the week. 

Microsoft announced the cancelation yesterday, along with news that Lionhead would likely be shuttered. Additionally, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood developer Press Play will be closing.

For more, please visit our full coverage of yesterday’s announcement. You can also read our thoughts on just what happened to bring Lionhead to this point.


Our Take
It’s not surprising that the servers aren’t being shut down right away. Online games typically have a “sunset” period to celebrate the game before it’s taken offline forever. It doesn’t ease the sting of losing Lionhead, though.