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Shigeru Miyamoto Discusses His Favorite Movie And Games Of 2015

by Mike Futter on Mar 04, 2016 at 03:00 AM

A couple of weeks ago, I had sat down with famed Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto. While most of our time was spent discussing Star Fox Zero, I did get him to talk about other things.

In the course of our conversation, I asked Miyamoto about his favorite movie of last year. The response didn’t entirely surprise me, but his reasoning was enlightening.

There were a lot of good movies last year. One movie that I would have to talk about is Star Wars. It was a movie that I was very worried about. I really enjoyed the original three movies. But as they started to rely more on CG and computer graphics, I gradually stopped watching the Star Wars movies. 

I felt that for the people who were taking that on that it was a very big challenge for them. My expectation is that they’d maybe find a way to barely meet that challenge. But when I saw that movie, I was very impressed with what they were able to do.

As a creator, I really respected their ability to take on the challenge and bring back some of the feelings that people had the first time they watched the movies. I really liked that some of those actors from Episode IV came back after all these years, and you can see how they had aged. As a fan, it was a really great movie.

I also asked Miyamoto about his favorite games of last year. While I wasn’t expecting him to deviate too far from Nintendo’s library, I was again intrigued by his choices and reasoning.

I haven’t seen as many video games. Two of the games that I have been really happy with. One is Splatoon. We had a very young staff work on that game; particularly in the Japanese market, they’ve introduced a whole new genre of shooter.

And then Super Mario Maker, which Mr. [Takashi] Tezuka worked on, we’re seeing a lot of dads are playing together with their kids. That’s made me really happy.

I mentioned to him that I continue to see a lot of buzz for Super Mario Maker, as friends continue to try and stump one another. He seemed pleased that it had found such a following.

“Our objective is always to try and make games that will sell for two years,” he chuckled. “If we can do that, we can take our time with the next game.”

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