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Nintendo Makes Another Pitch For Metroid Prime: Federation Force

by Mike Futter on Mar 03, 2016 at 10:36 AM

When Nintendo fans told the publisher they wanted another Metroid game, they weren’t expecting Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The announcement made at E3 2015 wasn’t warmly received, but Nintendo isn’t giving up on it yet.

During today’s Direct, Metroid Prime producer Kensuke Tanabe discussed his vision for the multiplayer-focused 3DS game and its long development history. Work on Federation Fighters began in 2009 in collaboration with Next Level Games.

The team saw the opportunity to make the conflict between the Galactic Federation and the Space Pirates more than just Samus’ mission. To that end, the Federation Force uses power suits based on her original one.

Players will split up a limited number of weapons prior to the match. While there are no classes, loading up on a specific type of gear (missiles, health packs, etc.) can help dictate combat roles.

If you’re attending Wondercon this month in Los Angeles, you’ll have a chance to play it for yourself. Everyone else can play when it comes out later this spring.