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Bandai Namco Shows More Of Its Free-To-Play Wii U Game Lost Reavers

by Joe Buchholz on Mar 03, 2016 at 10:15 AM

A small portion of Nintendo’s most recent Direct was carved out for a free-to-play multiplayer game called Lost Reavers. Bandai Namco’s Wii U title allows you to romp around with your friends, as showcased in a brief gameplay section.

Although details for Lost Reavers are scant, we know that you’ll be able to explore ruins with an ancient Egyptian aesthetic. Collecting treasure and cooperatively taking out zombies seems to consume most of your time as you travel between boss fights.

There will be an open beta for Lost Reavers on April 14, with the game properly releasing on April 28. For more coverage of today’s Nintendo Direct, head here.